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Best paying dividend cryptocurrency coins & tokens for 2024/2025

If your on the lookout for cryptocurrency tokens that can provide you with an easy way to make passive income, either from staking or hodling in your wallets, then you have found yourself some luck.

My colleagues and I have been monitoring the crypto tokens paying the highest dividends since 2015. We have taken a lot from crypto investment game, so we thought, why not use our experience & knowledge to provide a central place where other buddying investors can find the information we weren't able to find when we initially got started.

In this guide we will cover all types of tokens, ranging from exchange tokens such as Kucoin, Bitmax & Bibox to POS (proof of stake) tokens such as NEO, Ontology and more. We hold or have held the majority of the cryptocurrencies listed below, so you can rest assured that the figures provided are accurate and based on first hand experience.


  • The dividends from exchange tokens are generated from the trading fees which are split and then shared with token holders.
  • The highest paying exchange token is Bitmax which is currently providing an APR of between 35-50%.
  • Staking tokens require you to hold your tokens in a wallet. These are then used to mine future tokens.
  • Dividends from staking are not as lucrative as exchange tokens.
  • If you want to get an idea of the dividend you could receive on your investment? View our dividend calculators .

Exchange Tokens

Exchange tokens are the new fad within the dividend crypto market especially with so many new exchanges opening every month. Dividends paid from exchanges come from the fees the trader pays when booking an order. A percentage of the trading fee is then split with the token holders on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Kucoin shares

Kucoin (KCS)

Kucoin, a Hong Kong based exchange, are one of the originators of the dividends exchange model token when they introduced it on their platform in 2017.

The dividend payments to investors are generated by sharing 50% of exchange transaction fees with the token holders. Due to the nature of how the bonus is derived, investors will see higher payouts if the trading volumes & users increase which is almost guaranteed as cryptocurrency becomes more mainstream.

To ensure you receive the bonus payments you need to hold a minimum of six Kucoin shares (KCS) tokens and ensure that the tokens are left on the exchange.


  • Dividend Payout: Dependant on how many KuCoin Shares tokens you hold
  • Payout Period: Daily
  • Where to Buy: KuCoin Exchange
  • Dividend Calculator: Kucoin Dividend Calculator

Coss coin

BitMax (BTMX)

BitMax (BTMX) is a Singapore based exchange registered in July 2018. BitMax shares 80% of net transaction fee revenues with token holders. At present the APR for investors is between the 35-50% rate which far outshines most saving accounts and other similar tokens.


  • Dividend Payout: Dependant on how many BitMax tokens you hold
  • Payout Period: Daily
  • Where to Buy: BitMax Exchange
  • Dividend Calculator: BitMax Dividend Calculator

Coss coin

Coss Token (COSS) is a decentralized exchange which has been growing at a rapid rate. Similar to Kucoin the exchange shares 50% of trading fees with holders of the token. The key difference is that the COSS dividends are paid in the form of how the fee was paid. This means if some fees were paid in ETH or BTC then you would receive the dividend in these cryptocurrencies.


  • Dividend Payout: Dependant on how many Coss tokens you hold
  • Payout Period: Weekly (Monday)
  • Where to Buy: COSS Exchange & HitBTC
  • Dividend Calculator: Coss Dividend Calculator

Bibox tokens

Bibox Token (BIX)

Bibox is a chinese exchange and has already made a mark in the industry, generating over 1 billion trades in a day. To receive the weekly dividends which are paid in the form of Ethereum tokens, you will need to purchase and lock a minimum of 500 BIX tokens on the exchange and then every Friday you will get a dividend payment just in time for the weekend.


  • Dividend Payout: Dependant on how many Bibox tokens you hold
  • Payout Period: Weekly (Friday)
  • Where to Buy: Bibox Exchange & Huobi Pro
  • Dividend Calculator: Bibox Dividend Calculator

Staking Tokens (POS)


NEO, formally called Antshares and Antcoin, is a Chinese based smart contract token similar to Ethereum that allows you to "stake" your NEO in order to receive a payout in GAS. Please make sure that the wallet where you stake your NEO enables GAS payouts, a number of wallets we have used in the past have discretely kept the payouts to themselves. Use the calculator below to get an idea of the NEO payouts you could receive.


  • Dividend Payout: For every NEO you have, you generate 0.0003 GAS per day
  • Payout Period: Daily or Monthly (Binance & KuCoin)
  • Where to Buy: Binance, KuCoin Exchange, Bibox, Bitfinex, Huobi Pro & others
  • Dividend Calculator: NEO Dividend Calculator


VeChain is another smart contract platform which staking function is similar to NEO. The biggest difference is that the token pays dividends in the form of VTHOR rather than GAS


  • Dividend Payout: 0.00042 VTHOR per day for having 1 VET
  • Payout Period: Every Second or Monthly (Binance)
  • Where to Buy: Binance, KuCoin Exchange, Huobi Pro, HitBTC, LBank & Bitmart


PIVX, ranks as one of the most prestigious upcoming privacy coins in the market due to its algorithm which is almost totally anonymous. PIVX staking is rather lucrative, however its shortfall is that you need to be online 24/7, however this can do resolved by using cloud staking.


  • Dividend Payout: Staking - Approx 4.8% per year
  • Payout Period: Daily (if trade-mining)
  • Where to Buy: Binance, Upbit, BiThumb & Bittrex

Komodo (KMD)

If you are looking for a token that performs excellently based on a Proof of Work model, Komodo (KMD) is definitely up there. To receive KMD dividends, you need to have a minimum balance of 10 KMD staked in your wallet. Unike PIVX and some other POS tokens you won't be required to be online 24/7 to get payouts. This is the feature that makes Komodo different to other staking services.


  • Dividend Payout: Annually, 5.1%, if you hold more than 10 KMD on a wallet
  • Payout Period: Monthly
  • Where to Buy: Binance, Bittrex, Upbit, Cryptopia, HitBTC & Others

Pundi X (NXPS)

Pundi X is one of the most exciting projects in the market and has a great opportunity to break boundaries with the use of their XPOS device. Pundi X (NXPS) offers monthly dividends based on the previously mentioned staking algorithm. The bonus is expected to payout until the end of 2020. After this period dividends will seize to be paid.


  • Dividend Payout: Depending on the amount of tokens on wallet
  • Payout Period: Monthly
  • Where to Buy: Binance, KuCoin Exchange, Bibox, Bitfinex, Huobi Pro & others

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